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February HM Mini Goal – Paint Something

on February 05, 2024

HM Mini Goal Blog Post Feb

For February, we are tasked with expressing our creativity, so let’s get out there and paint something!

So much about finding balance in our adult lives is about reconnecting with the creative impulses and spontaneous joys of our childhood. There’s a freedom in creating new works of art from scratch, letting our imaginations lead us. And when we participate in these creative acts, it often leads us to other sorts of discoveries and breakthroughs—in addition to restoring calm and balance. This month, get back in touch with your creative side by painting something. It could be a traditional acrylic painting on canvas, or you might explore with watercolors. You can also paint a piece of pottery or decorative element for your home, inside or out. For inspiration, look to famous artworks, online tutorials and the world around you. And remember—there are no mistakes in painting, just new creative directions waiting to be explored, and an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary!

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