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Spaces We Love: In Business & In the Office, MCG Health is All About Collaboration

By Owen Rice

MCG Health provides unbiased clinical guidance that gives healthcare organizations confidence in their patient-centered care decisions. Through artificial intelligence and technology solutions, infused with objective clinical expertise, MCG enables its clients to prioritize and simplify their work. Their products help support appropriate levels of care for patients. By using MCG solutions, hospitals and insurance companies can ensure that patients receive the right level of care.

For years, MCG had leased space in an office building in downtown Seattle. It was during the pandemic that MCG realized that the space would no longer support the innovation and drive of their team. Working with architecture firm Perkins & Will, MCG has transformed their new office space into an open, collaborative environment that welcomes team members with innovative design features, incredible views and plenty of natural light.

Their first big change came while shifting their physical address to one of Seattle’s most iconic towers, Columbia Center. Here, a multi-tiered, landscaped plaza welcomes tenants into a stunning, three-story atrium with more than a dozen retailers–everything from fitness, dining printing and auto-detailing. The building features a full-service fitness center, along with a 40th-floor Sky Lobby that houses a conference center for meetings large and small. It’s an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration and–as noted earlier–those themes carry right into the MCG office as well.

mcg spaces we love 2

The inviting reception area leads into a two-story work-and-play lounge connected by an open and architecturally dramatic staircase. Nearby seating promotes the company’s values of gathering together to work, eat, celebrate or socialize.

Private offices have been eliminated in favor of a “free address” system with very few assigned seats. Places along the interior core of the office have been set aside for phone rooms, focused work areas and quiet spaces, which leaves the generous space between the core and the expansive windows to be available for tables, chairs, seating nooks and common areas. Team members are also able to enjoy the different iconic Seattle vantage points throughout the space, including views of the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound, Downtown, Mount Rainier, Lake Washington and Bellevue.

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One of the best places to take advantage of the spectacular scenery is MCG’s large, open kitchen with natural cool colors that resemble the sky. A long, marble island–perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or mealtime discussion–fronts a generous countertop which features all the amenities of home and is stocked with coffee machines, filtered water dispenser, blender, toaster, microwave and more. For a change of scenery, there are several high-top tables and chairs near the windows to take in the view.

mcg spaces we love 4

MCG team members have access to various conference rooms set off by glass walls, as well as colorful alcoves where team members can tuck in with their devices for teamwork. Color is also used to indicate the wayfinding scheme around the office, denoting different halls and doorways.

It’s always nice to see an office design that meshes with a company’s core values. In the case of MCG–which promotes patient-focused guidance powered by collaboration–their office space promotes employee-focused design, also powered by collaboration. The team members love their new space, and this inviting, free-flowing, flexible environment will support MCG’s important work for years to come.

Owen Rice is an executive vice president at Hughes Marino, a global corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers. Contact Owen at 1-844-662-6635 or owen@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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