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The Building Blocks of a Strong Team Begin with a Strong Foundation

on May 29, 2024

Building Blocks of a Strong Team Blog

The key to building strong relationships, mutual trust, and ultimately a strong team, is to put in place a strong foundation from the very start. I am constantly thinking about the well-being of our team, and what we can do to enhance our culture and fortify this foundation. These are five concepts I like to live by from a leadership perspective, which have helped instill a team and culture at Hughes Marino that we take great pride in.

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Shay Hughes

Shay Hughes, president and chief operating officer, plays a key role in all aspects of the Hughes Marino organization, including internal operations, marketing, business strategy, and end-to-end management. Her versatile skills range from designing Hughes Marino’s offices to maintaining a strong understanding of the local marketplace and client needs. In her free time she enjoys writing about leadership, company culture, and workspace design.

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