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How Jason Hughes Helped Hughes Marino Gain Momentum Even Amidst the Pandemic

on September 30, 2021

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic taking a catastrophic toll on many U.S.-based businesses, Hughes Marino bolstered its reach by adding a Denver office to its fleet of locations, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Seattle, San Francisco, East Bay and New York.

“We added the Denver office in the fourth quarter of last year, with the grand opening of Denver in January of 2021,” said Hughes Marino CEO Jason Hughes. “We were growing when everyone else was pulling in the reins. And we’re really proud of how our company handled this. We’ve gotten stronger in a lot of ways.”

Hughes admits that corporate real estate was the last thing on anyone’s mind when the pandemic hit. “In fact, most people just wanted to shed it, and they were forced to work from home,” Jason Hughes said from the company’s headquarters in San Diego. “And the last thing they were thinking of was leasing more office space.”

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