Meet Los Angeles’ Best-In-Class Commercial Real Estate Team


At Hughes Marino, we are a close-knit team of highly driven individuals, bound by a common commitment to our core values, and a desire to deliver excellence in everything we do. We are fathers, mothers, surfers, magicians, dog-lovers, race-car drivers, foodies, and fashionistas. But above all we are consummate professionals. As a firm we maintain an unprecedented level of expertise, educational credentials and deep operational support. We strive to have all of our brokers be licensed by the state of California, and collectively we hold a wide number of degrees including MBAs, J.D.s, masters of engineering, real estate and law, and LEED accreditation as well. Get to know our team members below, and find out what makes Hughes Marino a different kind of commercial real estate company.


Steven Gorup

Director, LEED AP BD+C

Amir Feder

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Fox

Finance Director

Brenna Palmer

Corporate Operations Director

David Rubenstein

Recruiting Director

Seth Hall

Information Technology Director

Chris Juracka

Financial Systems & Reporting Director

Andrea Kirklen

Operations Development Director

Tara Avedissian

Operations Development Director

Ashley Meyer

Operations Development Director

Olivia Rhodes

Programs Director

Michelle Andrews

Programs Operations Director

Rachel Rossi

Operations Development Director

Jessica Grasch

Database Project Director

Briana Iverson

Marketing Director

Elizabeth Robinson

Marketing Communications Director

Tara Tuls

Graphic Design Director

Erin O’Connor

Talent Engagement Director

Stacy Bates

Senior Corporate Operations Manager

Paisley Bittner

Corporate Operations Manager

Chloe Christensen

Database Project Manager & Administrator

Sarah Romeo

Office Management Team Leader

Scott Iverson

Senior Operations Manager

Hope Fox

Senior Operations Manager

Kelly Muna

Senior Operations Manager

Breanna Ferraro

Senior Accounting Manager

Myh Lindstrom

Senior Client Relations Manager

Casey Poole

Talent Engagement Manager

Ashley Janes

Operations Manager

Darci Dickerson

Client Relations Manager

Ivana Ermitage

Staff Accountant

Meghan Nowell

Client Relations Manager

Chiara Riley

Corporate Operations Coordinator

Kate Sims

Client Relations Manager

Adeline Pin

Client Relations Manager

Katelyn Kelly

Special Projects Manager

Stephanie Kelly

Client Relations Manager

Kaila Kolbeck

Graphic Designer

Shirley Grimm

Information Technology Manager

Megan Mott

Database Project Coordinator

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