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Our November 2017 HM Mini Goal

By John Jarvis

Convivial Hughes Marino Mini Goalers!

Congratulations on keeping your word in October and getting out for some beautiful long walks! Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing!

Hughes Marino Los Angeles

Ed and Kelly Muna went on a long walk and hiked in sunny Palm Springs and I walked from La Jolla to Point Loma to take in the sights along the beautiful coast. Laura Woods even brought along our Mini Goals postcard for her picturesque walk in Vancouver!

Hughes Marino Los Angeles

We are happy to report that some goals were accomplished over on the East Coast! While in Manhattan, our friends Erwin and Laura enjoyed the fall weather and ventured to Battery Park, the Reservoir and back to their hotel in SoHo. Mary-Jo and her daughter took a long walk (and did a little shopping) along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. We appreciate all the photos that were shared with us and will continue to post them on our social media channels!

Hughes Marino Los Angeles

And sharing is exactly what we are going to be doing more of in November, because our November HM Mini Goal is to:

Record some family history!

OK, I heard the collective gasp…uh, what exactly does that mean? And how would I…?

As with all of our Mini Goals, we are all free to interpret this as we see fit. You could talk to a grandparent and ask them to tell you a story from their childhood, or you could tell a few of your own stories to your kids or grandkids. We all have great stories, and the tradition of passing these through the generations is powerful and important.

How you “record” these stories is up to you. You could write them down, or you could simply listen, enjoy the story unfolding and think about how you will pass the family story along to your children or your nieces and nephews.

There is a super-cool organization called StoryCorp and they set up recording booths for people to share their stories. StoryCorp’s mission is to “preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.” Love that. They also have an app.

So go for it. Get talking. Get listening. You can record it on the app, you can write it down, or you can just listen intently and commit it to memory. All that matters is that you ask and listen and maybe pass it on.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out! But a more just and compassionate world would be nice.

Hughes Marino Los Angeles

John Jarvis is a senior vice president of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices across the nation. Contact John at 1-844-662-6635 or john@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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