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Our July 2017 HM Mini Goal

By John Jarvis

Journalistic HM Mini Goalers,

Well, how was the writing assignment? Deciding to write, at times, can feel like an exercise in hubris—asking an audience to stop what they are doing and take time out of their busy lives to read the words I have put down on paper (so to speak), as I attempt to etch my thoughts in stone for all posterity. And sometimes we like what we write. And sometimes so does the audience. Which is why trying, making the effort, and taking the shot is so important.

I took a shot, and if by chance you aren’t too busy, you can read it here, my thoughts on the one thing we cannot teach.

Other people made the effort too, including Joe Calloway’s excellent blog post with a nice little nod to Hughes Marino (thanks Joe!), Shay Hughes with a cool article for CSQ magazine about 12 tips on raising amazing kids, our friend Mary-Jo with an awesome article about discovering her passion for cooking, Roxanne with a piece about simplicity, Owen Rice with an article about what drew him to join Hughes Marino and Briana Waris rewrote and edited our new Welcome Book—which was a major milestone for our entire maven team!

But it’s time to take a break from the heavy lifting. We are more than halfway through the year 2017 and we are now enjoying these glorious days of Summer. So put down your pen, or your laptop, and grab a friend by the hand, because the July mini goal is to:

Watch the sunset in a special place with a special someone!

Please share your photos with hminigoals@hughesmarino.com or you can post them and use the hashtag #hmminigoals. Let’s light up our social media with all the colors of a summer sunset and all the beautiful settings where we live, work and play.

This is how we grow.

And that’s what matters most at the end of the day.

John Jarvis is a senior vice president of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices across the nation. Contact John at 1-844-662-6635 or john@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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