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Spaces We Love: Basic American Foods’ Sleek and Modern Workspace

By Kam Schroeder

Office space is extremely important to help enhance team’s creativity and inspiration, and Basic American Food’s space is as creative and innovative as their diverse menu of offerings!

Located in Walnut Creek in the East Bay region of San Francisco, Basic American Foods occupies space on the 8th floor of a modern 10-story Class A facility in the flourishing business community.

In 2017, company executives faced a dilemma. Their existing space lacked energy and felt outdated. The existing space also didn’t promote the company’s desire to refresh their brand and bring to life the identity and values of the company founded in 1933 by Jack Hume. It’s safe to say that their latest space does just that!

The 8th floor of their current building initially sat as an empty shell, which left tremendous opportunities for imagining the floorplan to meet the needs of the company to provide a platform to produce amazing work and facilitate attracting and retaining talent.

The company set out to transform the space into a thriving and dynamic business setting. Envisioning a technology hub with collaboration as a main focus, the company’s leaders knew that the foundation of the offering required a focal point. For Basic American Foods, this was a vibrant “test kitchen.”

While the company’s R&D facility is located in Idaho, their Walnut Creek location required a cooking center for preparing and tasting the culinary creations of the Basic American chefs.

Once the conversion was complete, team members packed their belongings on a Friday, and were told to meet outside the new building the following Monday morning to be ready to enter their new, inspiring space. The idea was to AMAZE and SURPRISE, which is exactly what happened! That Monday morning, the team arrived to witness a phenomenal view, and an even more phenomenal space.

Their dazzling kitchen and dining area now serves as the central all-encompassing gathering space of the office for team members to share lunch and hold meetings. The area also doubles as an entertainment center, complete with four large television screens, and a game room with cornhole! The room showcases a state-of-the art Wolf Electric Range and is stocked with delicious food and beverage options.

A fusion of office and showroom, the space unfolds with a perfect blend of interior offices, shared areas, huddle spots, a corporate boardroom and conference rooms. Workstations line a curtain of glass windows, which provide an abundance of natural light, and a balance of privacy and space.

Technology abounds with premier mobile infrastructure, whiteboards and videoconferencing capabilities.

Team members can also enjoy a spirited workout at the fitness center on site, and outside the office there are restaurants serving assorted fare from Peruvian to Mediterranean, Chinese, pizza and more.

Throughout the office, Basic American Foods’ values are on display as a tribute to the company’s culture, founder, team cohesion, enthusiasm and energy–another attribute we love about their workspace!

Basic American Foods has created an invigorating place to call home. The space is one-of-a-kind and team members are excited to operate in a vibrant, functional, effective and collaborative ecosystem. Congratulations to Basic American Foods on their phenomenal space!

Kam Schroeder is a Senior Vice President with Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices across the nation. Contact Kam at kam@hughesmarino.com or 1-844-662-6635 to learn more.

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