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Spaces We Love: Chatmeter’s High-Rise, High-Style Penthouse

on January 04, 2023

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A dream scenario for any business might be to collect what thousands of customers are saying about their brand, then using sophisticated analytics to help craft the data into a proactive business strategy. That dream becomes reality with Chatmeter, a San Diego-based software firm that—as they describe it—is “the control center from which you command the online conversation about your brand.” They gather and analyze customer reviews, social posts, search rankings, competitor data and more to construct the “big picture” about a company’s brand perception. Then they give that company the tools to take action.

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We know the important role that office space has on motivating teams and cultivating culture, and we are lucky enough to have the rewarding opportunity to help many workspaces come to life. Here’s a peek into some of our favorite spaces across the nation and around the world that have inspired us that just might inspire you to transform your own space!