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April HM Mini Goal – Have an Outdoor Adventure

One whole quarter of ‘doing what we said we would do’ for our 2024 HM Mini Goal Program is complete! Isn’t it fulfilling to have accomplished three fun goals this year? In March, our goal was to plant something, and we loved seeing your green thumbs in action! From planting trees in your backyards, to planting seedlings across our offices, to herb and vegetable gardens, you really showed up to celebrate spring. Keep scrolling to see some of our photo submissions of our plantings across the country. It’ll be rewarding to see their growth in the summertime!

Our April HM Mini Goal is to have an outdoor adventure!

This month we get to explore outdoors—whether attempting a difficult trail or challenging climb, or simply venturing to a scenic outlook you’ve been meaning to visit. You can check out the maps of your local state parks and pick a new trail, go for a climb in the mountains or simply go for a bike ride. You could also try something new—maybe paddle boarding, kayaking or mountain biking. Changing our environment and spending quality time in nature soaking in the sunshine, fresh air, water, open skies and trees restores us in a way few things can. And there’s no reason to go it alone—plan a group activity with family or friends to enjoy nature’s benefits together.

After you’ve accomplished April’s goal, don’t forget to tag #hmminigoals on your social media channels, and email your photos to minigoals@hughesmarino.com. We’ll share photos of all your outdoor adventures throughout the month on social media. We can’t wait to be inspired by nature through all the outdoor treks and explorations we see this month!

As promised, here are some of the planting submission photos we received throughout March!

March Mini Goal - 1

March Mini Goal - 2
Members of our Dallas office took a break from their gardening at Bonton Farms to snag a team photo!
March Mini Goals - SLC
Our Salt Lake City office accomplished their first Mini Goal together as a team after opening their doors earlier in March!
March Mini Goals - 3
San Diego team member, Nicholas Willis and his daughter share the garden they planted just in time for spring!
March Mini Goals - 4
Kristin King and Michael Cavell both show off the beautiful new plants they potted for their front porches!
March Mini Goals - 5
San Diego team member John Jarvis planted produce for this month’s Mini Goal, along with the help of his pup!
March Mini Goals - 6
Christine Mahoney, Dave Bates and Demey Eide joined in planting vegetables as part of a team event, while enjoying the San Diego spring weather!
March Mini Goal - 7
The Boston team took an afternoon break for a flower planting event this past month!

Still not in a part of our 2024 HM Mini Goals Program, but want to be? Here’s a recap of how to participate alongside us!

  1. Email “I’m In!” to minigoals@hughesmarino.com.
  2. Follow us on social media!
  3. Review the mini goal and create a visible reminder.
  4. Put the mini goal into action.
  5. Share your involvement on social media using #hmminigoals and email your photos to minigoals@hughesmarino.com!

Happy exploring!

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