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Before & After: How a Design Refresh Can Make an Office Feel New Again

on September 05, 2019

Office design has an enormous impact on company culture, team morale and the overall energy of the space, which is why we put so much thought into the design and décor of our own homes away from home. From the selection of each piece of furniture, to the vibrant art hanging on our walls, to the playful décor that can be found around every turn, every detail matters when cultivating spaces to inspire our teams and leave lasting impressions on our clients!

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We believe office design and company culture truly work hand in hand to inspire and invigorate teams, and have the ability to dramatically impact businesses in many ways. Our Planning + Design team works to shape the perfect functioning workspace for clients’ teams in order to enhance space and productivity, to ultimately reinforce a positive company culture. Follow our blog to read tips on how to enhance your own workspace!