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8 Practical Steps for a Safer Office Environment

on May 04, 2020

Last year, we wrote about common open office issues and ways to alleviate them. We discussed density as the main culprit, and careful planning and consideration as a solution to those issues. Today those same tips are just as applicable in solving for the current concern of our time, social distancing in the workplace. Our Planning + Design team believes that assessing the future office environment needs to be contemplated in phases: immediate needs, first year planning, and “future,” next-gen planning. Even before immediate needs, most companies are looking for temporary solutions that don’t cost a lot to implement, and we are here to help. We believe science and design will work concurrently to solve the current issues we face in going back to the office, but what will be immediately necessary is to make common sense decisions about our work environment. Here are eight ways to help reduce as much concern as possible as team members slowly begin to return to the workplace.

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