An Integral Part of Our Culture

Our outstanding team of dedicated, hard-working people is one of our biggest assets. Like anything great, our award-winning culture did not happen by accident. We would not have been able to achieve our success without our well-rounded, diverse and collaborative team. This is expressed on a daily basis and we are grateful to have the opportunity to cultivate a loving family atmosphere and a rich culture that every team member can enjoy together.



Diverse Backgrounds
When we started Hughes Marino, we set out to build a different kind of commercial real estate company that not only revolutionized our industry but provided a welcoming, supportive and enriching place for every team member to thrive. Culture means everything to us, starting with our team of extraordinary individuals and our ten Core Values. The magic of our culture is that at the root of all we do, we have built our company on the foundation that we seek, hire and reward the best human beings we can possibly find to build an incredible organization together. In looking for teammates to help us on this mission, we look for individuals with diverse thinking, education, life experiences, perspectives, strengths and goals.



Our Differences Make Us Stronger
We believe the best teams are made up of strong, smart and creative individuals with different but complementary strengths, and the only way to have a truly great team is to seek diversity of thought to enrich our treasured culture. In a very male-dominated industry, we are proud that our team is comprised of over 50% women, including 50% of both our management team and our ownership. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome people from all walks of life with varying ages, ethnicities, physical abilities, religious views, gender identities, sexual orientation and beliefs, along with individuals from different parts of the world and with different viewpoints in general.



Unity Through Core Values
The result is a beautiful melting pot of rich ideas and diversity of strengths, a place where we encourage people to be their authentic selves. No matter where one comes from or what they believe in, we embrace the family spirit shared among our team. While we all bring our own unique differences to our amazing team, we are also deeply unified by our ten Core Values. Together we are committed to building an organization we can all be proud of, while always respecting and celebrating one another’s individuality.



We Look Forward to Meeting You!
We are often on the lookout for new and diverse talent to add to our team. We welcome applications from excellent individuals that come from every background, and look forward to the exciting growth for our team and our company ahead! Interested in joining us? Please visit our Careers page for more information on current opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!