Hughes Marino was built with a purpose: to obtain the most cost effective and risk reducing real estate result for the tenant or owner occupier of commercial space.


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In every type of economy, businesses need trustworthy real estate advice they know they can rely on–and that’s exactly where we come in to help. Our proprietary product and service offerings provide companies with smart real estate strategies in both prosperous and challenging times, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

After more than 30 years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the nation’s premier tenant representation firms–committed to representing corporate tenants and buyers, protecting their interests as our sole fiduciary duty. At the core of our success and intense customer loyalty is an impeccable team at each of our offices who are real estate and subject matter experts, committed to delivering unparalleled service and results, backed by an unprecedented guarantee, to our clients.

Here is a little insight into what we are, who we represent, and how we think. Have any more questions? Please reach out to us! We would be happy to show you firsthand how the Hughes Marino experience is unlike any other commercial real estate service you will come across.



What We Do


We help businesses make the best real estate decisions possible. 

Over the past 30 years, we have built industry-leading proprietary products and service offerings unique to our trade, saving businesses time, risk and money. We help businesses make the best real estate decisions possible by leveraging our in-house experts specializing in every aspect of commercial real estate. Put simply, Hughes Marino financially protects and represents commercial real estate tenants and buyers to obtain the best possible business terms and lowest cost economics on the facilities that they want to occupy. We help thousands of companies renew existing leases, buy and construct buildings, expand or contract, relocate to new properties or spaces, and optimize the real estate that they occupy.




Who We Represent


We specialize in office, industrial, lab and flex space, and provide guidance on everything our clients need on a local, national and global level.

Hughes Marino only represents users of commercial real estate, including tenants, buyers and owner occupiers. We work with companies large and small, advising businesses on everything from an office space for 10 team members, to global real estate portfolios supporting tens of thousands of employees, to small local manufacturers and million square foot distribution centers.



Why We Only Represent Commercial Tenants & Owner-Users


Championing the underdog – we advocate for companies in their negotiations for commercial space by putting their interests first.

While almost every industry bases their services around its customers, surprisingly, the commercial real estate industry is completely backwards, servicing landlords instead of their own “clients”–the tenants–giving landlords a secret advantage during the negotiation process. Unfortunately, this industry conflict results with leases and purchase agreements that aren’t drafted with the tenants’ or buyers’ best interests at heart. Hughes Marino knew the commercial real estate industry was due for a disruption. Breaking away from the traditional brokerage model, our team became pioneers in the field of tenant representation by championing the underdog–advocating for companies that had never before gotten a fair shake at the bargaining table when going up against sophisticated landlords in their negotiations for commercial space.



Who We Are


Real estate and subject matter experts that bring an integrated and comprehensive approach to finding the best possible outcome for our clients.

Everything begins with our team members, as companies don’t represent companies, people do. Professional service firms are nothing without their people, and if a company can’t recruit and retain the best in their respective fields, it’s impossible to be world-class. This is why recognition such as being named the #1 Best Workplace in the country by Fortune Magazine makes us very proud.

Unlike traditional brokerage companies, which are predominantly comprised of real estate salespeople with a few managers and a handful of support people, only about a third of our entire team are brokers. The balance of our company consists of real estate attorneys, construction experts, architects, designers, furniture consultants, CPAs, financial analysts, lease audit experts, lease administrators and operations support to help these functions integrate seamlessly, resulting in best-in-class results for our clients.



How We Think


The most successful real estate outcomes are achieved when organizations start with a deep and thoughtful examination of how their team utilizes their space, contemplates how it could be optimized in the future, and can accurately project their potential requirements.

How do we work today and how will we work differently tomorrow? What is the right length of term for our company given the current environment, future revenue, funding and growth? What part of town or which cities should we explore based on our workforce needs? What operational changes can be foreseen in the future around any technical requirements we have for lab, R&D, manufacturing or warehousing? Can we renew our lease, and what changes to our space and rights would we want to see into the future? How can we harness data to make the most informed decisions possible?

This is where real estate greatness begins–yet most of the real estate industry does not begin with these questions. Real estate brokers are duly unequipped to answer these important questions and generally rely on their clients for answers to questions like how much space they need, how many offices, or what kind of loading and clear height is needed. Leveraging our proprietary product offering, our expert team partners with our clients to get these important questions answered right, rather than pushing the burden onto teams that don’t do this every single day.


Our Services


Tenant & Buyer Representation

Lease & Purchase Contract Review

Program, Project & Construction Management

Planning + Design

Portfolio Lease Administration & Advisory

Culture Consulting & Workplace Strategy




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