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Hughes Marino Attorney Fires Back at CBRE Accusations

By Briana Waris

This afternoon marked a major breakthrough for Hughes Marino, as the company won a lawsuit against international commercial real estate firm CBRE. For in-depth detail into the long-awaited results for the tenant-only representation firm, click here.

While the global giant initially accused Hughes Marino of stealing the company’s trade secrets, Hughes Marino CEO Jason Hughes knew it was more about CBRE trying to send a message and settle scores, than trying to win any legal arguments: “I feel that CBRE is reeling from a fairly significant exodus of its top professionals–and rather than reflect on why all of these people are leaving, local leadership for some reason thought that they might stop the hemorrhaging by bullying recent departures–especially their former top brokers. This is just one of many reasons why many, not just me, believe CBRE is at a crossroads. I liken them to GE; great name and huge in size–but fracturing all over the place. It has become too big and is trying to serve too many–all while having huge conflicting interests for most.”

Representing Hughes Marino were Perkins Coie Seattle attorneys James Williams and David Perez. Perez noted that CBRE didn’t receive much in the settlement, only commissions from deals that were in progress when Owen Rice and Gavin Curtis were still at the previous firm. Perez added that since the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice, client Hughes Marino will pay nothing to CBRE. “CBRE began this lawsuit crying wolf about all the harms that had been done to them,” Perez said. “Here we are nine months later and all they’re getting is a few commissions. They came in with a big old bark and went out with whimper,” Perez said. “They’re running away with their tail between their legs.” Perez went on to note that CBRE’s pattern of lawsuits as intimidation tactics have not stopped with Hughes Marino, citing an additional lawsuit this month in which it accused its former vice-chairman of similar conduct.

Final words from Perez about brokers Rice and Curtis: “My understanding is they’re eating CBRE’s lunch in Seattle right now.”

For further information on the lawsuit, click here.

Briana Iverson is marketing director at Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices across the nation. Contact Briana at 1-844-662-6635 or briana@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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