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Spaces We Love: B:Side Capital Embraces the Vintage in a Modern Space

Photography by Krista Lance Photography.

By Marc Feldman

One of the best examples of adaptive reuse can be found in the Denver region, at a predominant fixture in the city’s RiNo neighborhood—an acclaimed Arts District just north of Downtown that is home to some of Colorado’s best craft breweries, eateries, music venues and arts culture. Located in the heart of the district is The Source, a mixed-use commercial real estate development that has been reimagined from a 19th century iron works facility. While the original structure is vintage industrial, the vibe is decidedly up-to-the-minute and includes tenants such as award-winning restaurants, chic boutiques, a satellite New Belgium craft brewery, an eclectic hotel and business offices, all sharing common areas that take you from outdoor patios to rooftops with expansive mountain views.

BSide SWL 1

As one can imagine, having office space at such a dynamic location would be an accomplishment for any kind of firm, and one of those just-right tenants is B:Side Capital, along with its sister company, B:Side Fund. Their mission is to foster the economic growth of diverse small businesses in the Denver region. The name pulls a reference from the age of vinyl records, when the most popular songs were on the A-side of the record, while the B-side often featured the more inventive, more meaningful cuts—the ones for true fans who were willing to look a little deeper. That’s what B:Side Capital specializes in—small businesses that are hidden gems far too often overlooked by traditional financial lenders. That’s what makes being in RiNo a “just-right” situation for B:Side. They are championing the businesses that may have been cast aside and doing it in a once-forgotten neighborhood that has become one of the most sought-after markets in the region for office, retail and residential users.

The B:Side Capital space itself is a brick and timber masterpiece that has been transformed into an innovative-yet-comfortable environment with a modern flair. Consisting of 7,000 square feet with a private staircase connecting the two levels, the office spaces are split according to purpose, with communal areas and collaborative spaces upstairs and the quieter, more focused workspaces downstairs.

BSide SWL 2

The upper level presents soaring ceilings with visible ductwork and numerous skylights that bring in the natural light. Long tables are equipped with computer monitors and desk chairs providing “plug & play” convenience for team members. Lining the large central communal space are smaller conference rooms and semi-private spaces for meetings and collaborative work.

The upstairs also features a generously sized kitchen with an island and chairs for connecting with teammates, including a longer marble table and chairs that make sharing a meal easy and enjoyable.

BSide SWL 3

On the same floor as the kitchen is a semi-enclosed space reminiscent of a living room, with an oversized couch, a plush rug, stylish chairs and a large screen—perfect for catching the latest news or sports scores. In fact, high-tech audio-visual capabilities are a commonplace fixture throughout the B:Side office—in meeting and common areas, and even in the kitchen and dining area. Not only does their presence simplify communication and collaboration, but they allow team members to easily participate in conferences with remote workers and satellite offices, and everyone can join in the quarterly townhall meetings conducted by company executives.

BSide SWL 4

Artwork and contemporary lighting fixtures are added elements throughout the B:Side space. At the foot of the stairwell—which is illuminated by natural light from the skylights—is a bright and colorful, geometric tile wall mosaic that adds depth and interest to the space. A welcoming wall of green grass next to a pink and purple neon sign of the company logo is featured upstairs. Other vibrant paintings and murals are sprinkled throughout to bring color and energy to the office environment.

BSide SWL 5

In this once-industrial space, B:Side has retained just the right amount of original architectural characteristics to blend in with the clean and modern aesthetic of a 21st-century office design. Team members have a generous amount of space in which to collaborate or focus on individual work, and many more options for nearby restaurants and entertainment when it comes time for impromptu happy hours, team outings and client dinners. It’s easy to see why B:Side Capital has chosen this location to champion both its diverse small business clients and its team—and why it’s a space we love.

Marc Feldman is a vice president of Hughes Marino, a global corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers. Contact Marc at 1-844-662-6635 or marc@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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