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Tips for Creating a Casual Yet Chic Coastal Office Space

By Star Hughes

If your office is near the beach and you’re looking to capture a breezy, coastal feel in your workspace, there are some easy ways to bring the outdoors in. Here are a few tips to incorporate a beachy vibe into your office space so it can reflect its incredible location.

Use Cool Colors

blue color palette
Image via Liz Marie Blog.

For a beachy feel inside your space, establish a color scheme of cool gray and shades of blue by painting accent walls throughout your office.

Maximize Natural Light

Coastal Office Design
Image via Kelly Market.

Keep window lines free from clutter to help maximize natural light. After all, even on cloudy days, it’s bright at the beach from the reflection of the water. Keep your office bright and breezy by removing any barriers to windows. And if you’re lucky enough to have windows that open, let in the fresh ocean air!

Add Wood or Wood-Designed Vinyl Tile

textured natural wood wall
Image via Dornob.

Driftwood and the beach go hand in hand, so make sure to incorporate wood into your decor. Bring in touches of wood in coffee tables, end tables, and accent items; or add driftwood to a wall to create texture and add character – it functions almost like a piece of art!

You can also opt to use wood-designed luxury vinyl tile for flooring. (Note: Wood-designed luxury tile can be expensive, so focus on using it in your reception area or conference rooms first). It’s durable and can withstand the salty air much better than solid wood.

Add Beachy Décor

Create eye-catching vignettes that evoke the sea (image via DestinationsPerfected.com).
Image via Destinations Perfected.

Cute arrangements of seashells in decorative vases can help emphasize the coastal feeling throughout your office space. Add small touches like these in your reception area, and even in the restroom, to help reinforce the seaside ambiance. You may also consider bringing ocean-inspired candles or scent diffusers into your space.

A day spent at the beach is typically a casual, fun-filled day, so if you’re going for a beach theme in your office, be sure the coastal office décor reflects that same energy. Your colleagues and employees will undoubtedly thank you for it!

Star Hughes-Gorup is a senior vice president and director at Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate firm with offices across the nation. Star is a key member of Hughes Marino’s brokerage team, where she specializes in tenant representation and building purchases. Star also makes frequent media appearances to speak on business issues from a millennial perspective, and regularly writes for Hughes Marino’s “Spaces We Love” blog. Contact Star at 1-844-662-6635, or star@hughesmarino.com.

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