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Spaces We Love: Nytec’s Sleek Product Innovation Center

By Austin Lashley

Washington-based Nytec, led by CEO Rich Lerz, has been pushing the envelope on consumer product design for over 40 years. The full-service design and engineering consulting firm has built an impressive client list, working with top Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Carnival, Oculus and SpaceX. Their world-class team is composed of designers, engineers and manufacturing experts all under one roof and specializes in creating end-to-end IoT hardware and software solutions that deliver the ultimate user experience.

The global firm has offices from Kirkland, WA, to Delhi to Shanghai. When designing their headquarters, Rich and his team wanted to create a space that served as a creative and open environment and eliminate barriers between internal teams while also placing the highest importance on client IP. The overall design of the building serves as an extension of their own products, showcasing Nytec’s innovative approach and aesthetics.

Upon finding the perfect location and space, Nytec’s Vice President of Innovation Vince Ball took the lead on the design and architecture of the space and left no details unturned. Nytec completely transformed what was once an outdated and underutilized building into an open, modern and natural light-filled environment.

Team members at Nytec enjoy an open concept floor plan, exposed concrete walls, colorful LED lighting, a full kitchen and large conference areas for frequent gatherings. The building also has 28 skylights, along with windows in each office, to ensure plenty of natural light floods the entire space. In the summertime a roll-up door in the kitchen opens up for local food trucks and time to enjoy the sunshine.

One of our favorite features of Nytec’s office is their integration of art both inside and outside the space. The “Garden of You” is a sculpture garden that connects to the inner workings of Nytec’s office while also representing the “intersection between design and engineering,” their CEO states. The sculpture garden alongside the other art pieces throughout Nytec’s space change on a rotational basis, featuring local artists.

Nytec recently achieved a huge accomplishment reaching LEED Platinum status. Their Product Innovation Center is a part of a select group of buildings to receive the prestigious award, which is the highest possible ranking given by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design committee. Nytec is the only hardware product development company in its market to receive this prestigious award.

Rich spoke of the accomplishment saying, “It’s symbolic and represents our dedication and passion in every goal we set. It’s a big spotlight on Nytec that our clients love, as it aligns to our synergies of providing our best to our environment and employees. Companies that partner with Nytec are able to extend their sustainable reach because all levels of product engagement done at Nytec are created within a LEED environment.”

We love and admire Nytec’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of their business. Congratulations Nytec on your incredible Product Innovation Center!

Austin Lashley is an associate vice president of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company with offices across the nation. Contact Austin at 1-844-662-6635 or austin@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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