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Spaces We Love: Northeastern University’s Innovative & Engaging Northwest Campus

By Derek Pedersen

In just six years, student enrollment at Northeastern University’s Seattle campus has grown over 4,000%! Office space can play a huge role in the energy and productivity of a team, and Northeastern University definitely had this in mind when they designed their innovative South Lake Union headquarters.

The university was founded in 1898 and has grown into a renowned global research university with a distinctive experience-driven approach to education and discovery. Surroundings have the power to significantly increase productivity and student work/life culture, and the Northeastern University team nailed it.

With over 22,000 undergraduates and 8,000 graduate students across seven campuses, it was essential that NU sought the perfect location when looking to establish their presence in Seattle in January of 2013. What better place to plant your flag than in the shadow of the Space Needle and in the heart of what was yet to become the center of one of the nation’s most expensive real estate markets?

Stepping into their reception area, guests are immediately greeted with vibrant displays of color, including the NU’s seal radiating in an unforgettable red hue. Floor-to-ceiling glass encompasses the majority of space across the campus, allowing natural light to flow into each room.

The university lies in the center of what has become Seattle’s tech universe playing host to Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple, and most students attending the university in Seattle take evening classes as they work throughout the day. The location is fundamental to developing many of the student’s future career paths by increasing their exposure to some of the most prestigious computer science and data engineering companies in the country.

Northeastern University holds anywhere from 10-20 events every year and they never run out of spaces to host! Whether it be under the warm lights strung across their outdoor terrace on a late August night, or a seminar in mid-December in one of their largest classrooms–guests can always find comfort and a home away from home feel.

Conference and team huddle rooms feature gorgeous light fixtures and sleek, glass walls to provide everyone with breathtaking city views.

Workstations around the campus are also situated to enhance student collaboration that helps to foster continued creativity. The result is a high-end, creative vibe you might expect from a major player in the world of technology.

Each space has its own narrative, as demonstrated by the world-class murals and paintings decorated throughout. Another fun fact–every classroom and conference room is named after an island in Washington State! No stone was left unturned while designing this aspiring campus.

Sleek classrooms layer the university grounds and feature state-of-the-art technology, hanging pendant lights, exposed ceilings, polished concrete and glass walls that allow natural light to filter through. Northeastern University’s color palette, along with a detailed map of Seattle are also showcased throughout the space and add to the modern feel throughout the campus.

Northeastern University’s Seattle motto is, “Our Work is Never Completed,” while always keeping their brand’s theme of “Northwest Tech” close to heart. Congratulations to the entire team at Northeastern University for such phenomenal growth, and a one-of-a-kind university campus!

Derek Pedersen is a vice president of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company with offices across the nation. Contact Derek at 1-844-662-6635 or derek@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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