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The Who, When and Why
of a Real Estate and Facilities
Master Plan

on April 17, 2018

Maybe you’re at the helm of a rapidly growing startup and need to find enough space to put all of your new hires over the next couple years, or you’re the global real estate director for an established company looking to expand your campus size to support decades of growth. Buried in the business plan, or annual budget is a section addressing real estate and facility needs. As the founder you’ve taken the risk and need to make exceptional decisions in order to preserve capital–you can’t afford a mistake. As the global real estate director, you need to create a bulletproof plan that quickly provides the business sectors the tangible asset they need to produce revenue–and you answer to the Board of Directors. No matter which seat you sit in, you have no time to waste and need the plan to succeed, so you set off establishing a Real Estate and Facilities Master Plan that meets your goals.

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Nik Bandak is a vice president for Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in project management, tenant representation and building purchases, with offices in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle. Contact Nik at 1-844-NO-CONFLICT or to learn more.

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