Meet the Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Seattle


Seattle is home to many globally-recognized organizations, which meant Hughes Marino needed the best team possible to serve the region’s booming economy. So, we culled a talented group of individuals with a track record of delivering best-in-class tenant and buyer representation, while enjoying a good cup o’ joe from Starbucks. The Hughes Marino Seattle team consists of real estate experts in business, engineering, law, LEED accreditation, and more. On top of their illustrious credentials, they’re good people who embrace a family spirit inside and outside of the workplace, pursue excellence each day, and enjoy the journey. Learn about these Seattle commercial real estate pros below, and see how Hughes Marino changes the game in the Pacific Northwest.


Steven Gorup

Director, LEED AP BD+C

Robert Rackleff

Chief Financial Officer

Kathryn Richman, Esq.

General Counsel

Heather Fox

Finance Director

Brenna Palmer

Vice President of Operations

David Rubenstein

Recruiting Director

Seth Hall

Information Technology Director

Briana Iverson

Marketing Director

Andrea Kirklen

Client Relations Director

Ashley Meyer

Broker Relations Director

Kristen Hellquist

Programs Engagement Director

Erica Diersing

Operations Manager

Stacy Bates

Corporate Operations Director

Rachel Rossi

Operations Development Director

Samara Moulopoulos

Chief of Staff

Thea Arnone

Talent Acquisition Director

Jessica Grasch

Database Project Director

Scott Iverson

Senior Client Operations Manager

Hope Fox

Senior Client Operations Manager

Breanna Ferraro

Senior Accounting Manager

Elizabeth Robinson

Senior Client Operations Manager

Peter Lange

Database Project Manager

Zachary Buck

Software Engineer

Hilary Metcalf

Seattle Operations Manager

Kristin Beshore

Senior Programs Operations Manager

Meghan Nowell

Senior Client Operations Manager

Chiara Riley

Senior Programs Manager

Megan Mott

Database Analyst

Natalie Galvan

Senior Client Relations Manager

Nathan Castillo

Information Technology Analyst

Thananya Hughes

Client Relations Manager

Edson Muzada

Senior Graphic Designer

Dive Bujazan

Programs Manager

Jessica Flores

Office Manager

Michael Capek

Marketing Coordinator

Amy Dawson

Marketing Communications Manager

Katherine Delehant

Programs Coordinator

Alison Dunks

Operations Coordinator

Jean Silveira

Human Resources Operations Manager

Grant Wong

Client Relations Specialist

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