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How a Global Pandemic Helped Create an Even Stronger Culture Than Before

on March 21, 2022

how a global pandemic helped hughes marino create an even stronger culture

Our culture is something our team takes immense pride in, and I am so extremely proud of each and every one of our teammates who has contributed to our culture and made it what it is today. Prior to the pandemic, we had spent 10 years shaping our culture into what it was, and knew we had to protect it, despite the most challenging of times. By leaning into our core values and our relationships with each other, we became even more connected as a team, and galvanized our culture to something even better than what we had before. While we missed many of the perks of being together in person, and at the on start of the pandemic we never would have guessed we would emerge stronger than before, we found this new challenge brought rewards that we might not have experienced had we not been put to the test. Here are a few ways we have enhanced our communication to further strengthen our culture, which fortunately can be implemented by any company! 

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Shay Hughes, president and chief operating officer, plays a key role in all aspects of the Hughes Marino organization, including internal operations, marketing, business strategy, and end-to-end management. Her versatile skills range from designing Hughes Marino’s offices to maintaining a strong understanding of the local marketplace and client needs. In her free time she enjoys writing about leadership, company culture, and workspace design.

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