At Home in Irvine


Welcome to Hughes Marino Orange County. We’ve proudly called Jamboree Center our home since 2013 and we think we just might stay awhile. When Hughes Marino President and COO Shay Hughes set out to design our Irvine office, she aimed to incorporate the same family oriented design elements that work so well in our San Diego headquarters, but with a contemporary, high-rise flair… and she did just that!

From our sprawling farm table, which is our favorite gathering place to share meals and laughs as a team, to the colorful and unexpected artwork around every corner, 2 Park Plaza has become a special place for us. We love to share our space with clients, colleagues and friends, and we hope you enjoy this glimpse into our home away from home too!

Our team members spend as much time in our office as they may in their own homes, and we want them to feel happy, creative, and inspired when they are at work. Everyone knows that happy team members are productive team members.

Shay Hughes

President & COO of Hughes Marino

  • 60” high-definition TV
  • Taylor guitar
  • Playful, eye-popping artwork from artists around the globe
  • Cozy living room with farm table for gatherings
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Billiards table and vintage Pac-Man machine
  • Glass-enclosed conference room and individual, private offices
  • Plenty of space for relaxation and leisure


It’s in the Details


The first thing you’ll notice when you enter our 4,500 square foot office, aside from the glam, powder blue, tufted sofa greeting you in the reception area, is the radiant feel of the space. In contrast to the darker tones that you’ll see in our San Diego headquarters, our Irvine office is bright and airy.

Clean, white walls are dressed with vibrant pieces of art that were individually selected by Shay and her husband Jason Hughes, chairman and CEO of Hughes Marino. Each piece is a guaranteed conversation starter, especially the oversize Barbie print, which is undoubtedly a favorite amongst visitors. According to Shay, “The bright white walls were begging for pops of bold color, so we

filled them with some of the most creative and innovative artists from around the globe, including Damien Hirst, Gary Polonsky, Rusty Wolf, Cecile Plaisance, Robert Mars, and a specially commissioned piece by artist Anja Van Herle that features 5,000 Swarovski crystals all placed by hand.”

Beyond the art selection, our crowd-pleasing, vintage Pac-Man machine and billiards table inject additional whimsy, and provide the perfect excuse for a mid-day break. Keeping in line with Hughes Marino core value #4 – Embrace the family spirit – a large gallery wall displays framed photos of team members with friends and family.

With all the hours that people spend at work, we want to give our team a space in which they always feel welcome and inspired. Creative space isn’t about being trendy. When done correctly, it’s about building a real team, having the ability to concentrate and enjoying being at work.

Jason Hughes

Chairman & CEO of Hughes Marino


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Want to see more of our signature style? Check out our San Diego headquarters and prepare to be W-O-W-ed!