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We hold ourselves to a first-class standard that is admired and utilized by companies across the nation and around the globe. While we are recognized nationally as the industry leader in providing bespoke commercial real estate offerings to tenant and buyer clients, what business owners may not know is that our outstanding service does not just apply to the numerous cities we serve across the U.S., but also extends internationally.

We are proud to deliver the same local presence, keen attention to detail and personalized service that our clients have come to expect from Hughes Marino in the United States across the globe. Excellence is our brand, and companies throughout the country and around the world trust Hughes Marino to handle their lease and purchase transactions with a fiduciary responsibility to their best interests in an ethical, unbiased and transparent manner.

Munich, Sydney, Toronto, Beijing, London…you name it! Our Hughes Marino model transcends geographies and cultures. No matter where our clients are located, we ensure they always receive premier service level offerings aligned with their strategic long-term interests. A client conducting operations in the United States will trust us to find the perfect property for an expansion outside the country. And while the scale may be global, our approach remains the same: an unmatched commitment and dedication to deliver superior results.

Nothing is more fulfilling than having the opportunity to help our clients grow, expand and thrive. Our team will always be a dedicated partner in your pursuit of organizational excellence, on a local, national and global level.

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