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Injecting Color Into The Office: The Art of Color Psychology

on November 03, 2023

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In a previous article, I discussed our commitment to making our offices places of joy, inclusivity, comfort and inspiration for all of our team members, and offered a few ideas that could be implemented at any company. These elements included incorporating family photographs, encouraging quotes, outdoor settings and, most of all, the broad use of color. This last idea incorporating color into the office—is not just something we like to do just because it’s fun. It’s backed by science—studied on college campuses, and by scientists, and marketing and business experts around the world.

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Shay Hughes, president and chief operating officer, plays a key role in all aspects of the Hughes Marino organization, including internal operations, marketing, business strategy, and end-to-end management. Her versatile skills range from designing Hughes Marino’s offices to maintaining a strong understanding of the local marketplace and client needs. In her free time she enjoys writing about leadership, company culture, and workspace design.

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