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2024 HM Mini Goals—How We Use Goals to Help Build Award-Winning Culture

Join us in committing to small, positive actions that can make a big difference. We hope you’ll be inspired to make these monthly mini goals your own!

There is something about the transition from December to January, from this year to next, that invites us to take stock and consider simple adjustments we may want to make in our lives, both personally and professionally. It often starts strong with a New Year’s resolution, where we are committed to make a change and to make that change stick. And all too often our resolution soon fades as something akin to gravity relentlessly pulls us back into old habits. This is a problem. When we voice a resolution only to then let it slip away, we are, in fact, practicing the dark art of not doing what we said we would do.

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At Hughes Marino, we strive to be known as a team that follows through on our word, consistently doing what we say we will do, and bringing out the best in each other. Executive Vice President John Jarvis developed a program called the “Hughes Marino Mini Goals” to help our team practice goal setting and being impeccable with our word. He wanted to create something fun, yet meaningful, where our entire team could achieve one goal a month together, and our program was born. John’s idea has evolved over the years, and has come to be an amazing addition to our award-winning company culture. A few years later, we shared this inspiring and fulfilling concept with our friends and clients in 2017, which turned out to be a big hit, leaving lasting positive impacts across the country. To supercharge this year with positivity and striving to be impeccable with our word, we are bringing our HM Mini Goals back in 2024, and we would love for you and your team to join us!

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For the HM Mini Goals, we map out 12 fun, easy-to-execute commitments and we ask a simple question—are you in? And here’s the thing—if you say you’re in, be in! If you say it, make sure you do it! Say it, do it, repeat. It’s as simple as that. And in this way, we reinforce each month the precious habit of being impeccable with our word. How powerful would it be for you and your team to be known for consistently doing what you say you will do? What a concept, right? This year, we invite you and your team to join us for the 2024 Hughes Marino Mini Goals. Let’s build that muscle together and strive to be impeccable with our word!

Without further ado, we are proud to introduce our 2024 Mini Goals:

  1. January – Watch the sunrise
  2. February – Paint something
  3. March – Plant something
  4. April – Have an outdoor adventure
  5. May – Bring home flowers
  6. June – Take a walk—without your phone
  7. July – Take a road trip
  8. August – Take a sunset walk with a friend
  9. September – Go for a bike ride
  10. October – Send a note of gratitude
  11. November – Complete a random act of kindness
  12. December – Volunteer

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ARE YOU IN? Here’s a few ways to participate alongside us!

  1. Email “I’m In!” to minigoals@hughesmarino.com.

We would love to know that you are accomplishing these goals with us, and will be cheering you on! Next, follow along on our blog and social media channels, where we will reveal the new goal at the beginning of the month, and reflect on the fun ways we accomplished the previous month’s goal together!

  1. Review the mini goal.

At the beginning of each month we will share the mini goal on our blog and via social media, along with a variety of ideas on how you can accomplish it. If you want to bring your team along for the fun, share the goal with them as well, encouraging them in a positive way to start the new year.

  1. Create a visible reminder.

Add that month’s mini goal to your online or wall calendar and place it somewhere you’ll be sure to see it, so it’s top of mind.

  1. Put the mini goal into action.

Follow up on your commitment and take note of how you feel when you are done. We promise you it’ll be fulfilling, meaningful and fun!

  1. Share your involvement!

To help inspire others and share your accomplishments over the year, take a picture and post on social media with the tag #hmminigoals and share your photos with us at minigoals@hughesmarino.com. For added fun, wear your Hughes Marino “Enjoy the Journey” t-shirt and if you’d like, we’ll feature you on our social media channels, too. Don’t have one of our tees yet, or want another? Email us at tshirt@hughesmarino.com with your address and t-shirt size, and we will be happy to send one your way!

Here’s to an intentional year of building better habits, stronger teams and more connected communities—we look forward to seeing where this positive momentum leads us all in 2024!

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