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February HM Mini Goal – Paint Something

We hope watching the sunrise in January brought some peace and reflection to your month, and served as a great way to kick off our 2024 HM Mini Goal Program! With photo submissions sent from across the U.S., from Hawaii to Massachusetts and everywhere in between, we loved seeing how everyone took in the beauty of a sunrise. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see a few of the many inspiring submissions we received throughout January!

For February, we are tasked with expressing our creativity, so let’s get out there and paint something!

So much about finding balance in our adult lives is about reconnecting with the creative impulses and spontaneous joys of our childhood. There’s a freedom in creating new works of art from scratch, letting our imaginations lead us. And when we participate in these creative acts, it often leads us to other sorts of discoveries and breakthroughs—in addition to restoring calm and balance. This month, get back in touch with your creative side by painting something. It could be a traditional acrylic painting on canvas, or you might explore with watercolors. You can also paint a piece of pottery or decorative element for your home, inside or out. For inspiration, look to famous artworks, online tutorials and the world around you. And remember—there are no mistakes in painting, just new creative directions waiting to be explored, and an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary!

In case it isn’t obvious, most of our mini goals are written in a way to leave them open to interpretation, so feel free to have some fun with that, regardless if you are an expert or a novice. For example, “paint something” could mean a canvas, or it could mean a fence—just be sure to paint something! After you’ve accomplished February’s goal, tag #hmminigoals on your social media channels when you finish your masterpiece this month, and email your photos to minigoals@hughesmarino.com. We’ll share photos throughout the month of February, and will feature our top shots in our blog post in March, so stay tuned. Enjoy getting in touch with your creative side!

As promised, here are some of the amazing sunrise submission photos we received in January!

HM January Mini Goal 2
Members of our Dallas and Los Angeles teams met up at their offices early this month to catch a sunrise together – they even brought along some of their favorite breakfast treats!
HM January Mini Goals 3
San Diego, EVP, John Jarvis took an early morning hike to one of his favorite local viewpoints to catch the sunrise.
HM Mini Goals February Post 3
Snow, boardwalks and bays! Team members from our Denver, San Diego and Orange County offices spent their mornings with a few of their favorite activities! From left to right: Greg Paugh; Delynn Reitmeyer & husband, Noah; Bryce Ashton.
HM Mini Goals February Post 4
Getting active! Team members from our San Diego and Denver offices took the morning to cycle, climb a mountain, and take their pup for an adventure! From left to right: Nicholas Willis; Marc Feldman; Stacy Bates.
HM Mini Goals February Post 5
The perfect lighting! Members of our Los Angeles and San Diego teams spent their mornings finding the perfect views for the sunrise! From left to right: Sonal Patel; Paige Seles; Brianna Carlos; Steven Gorup; Dave Bates.

Still not in a part of our 2024 HM Mini Goals Program, but want to be? Here’s a recap of how to participate alongside us!

  1. Email “I’m In!” to minigoals@hughesmarino.com.
  2. Follow us on social media!
  3. Review the mini goal and create a visible reminder.
  4. Put the mini goal into action.
  5. Share your involvement on social media using #hmminigoals and email your photos to minigoals@hughesmarino.com!

Happy painting!


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