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Our team is proud to have represented some of the most incredible
businesses and organizations in the country.

"Hughes Marino has my highest of recommendations. They provided exceptional results, knowledge and professionalism, and delivered far beyond our expectations. Anaptys Bio's facility needs will be well served for years to come."

— Tom Smart

Chairman and CEO, AnaptysBio

"As someone who has engaged Hughes Marino services in multiple corporate real estate undertakings, they are the consummate professionals. Their knowledge of the commercial real estate ecosystem is unsurpassed, and their integrity and commitment to their clients are without equal. Their knowledge and experience enable them to quickly and thoroughly assess commercial real estate challenges and opportunities and to generate best-case outcomes for his clients. Importantly, they always are there when their clients need them, as my company recently did when our building flooded. Their professional standard is matched by their unselfish and generous commitment to the community in numerous charitable and social service activities. Many charitable and social service agencies have been the direct beneficiary of their efforts and generosity."

— Jeff Donahue


"Your performance and that of your company and your staff speaks for itself and is a testament to how a great company culture translates into success. I can tell you that dealing with your design team during our renovation was undoubtedly one of the best experiences we have had with any of our renovations and the fact that your company did that as an extra service was above and beyond expectations. Your organization is the best example of a company that creates “Raving Fans.” You are a true partner and engender loyalty with the sheer integrity and dedication of your staff. We are a raving fan of Hughes Marino and will remain a loyal customer. Thank you for your past and continuing friendship and assistance. When anyone asks me for a referral, I never hesitate to say that you are the best in the business."

— Lale White

Executive Chairman & CEO, Xifin

"We value culture similarly to you and strive to achieve the cultural success that you have. We are always looking for ways to maintain and improve our culture. We value and appreciate Hughes Marino not only for the excellent execution you consistently provide, but also for the ongoing relationship and the cultural drafting that we get to do by working with you."

— Derek J. Eisele

President, Silvergate Bank

"Over the past ten years in my capacity as CFO, I have used the Hughes Marino team to find space for four companies. Their knowledge of the marketplace is excellent. They listened to the requirements and took me to buildings that made sense for our business, and also helped with a difficult lease extension. Their knowledge of the landlord's needs and what they would accept were critical to getting that deal done at a lease rate that was good for our company. I will use Hughes Marino again"

— Walter Tendler

"Every once in a while, a service provider surfaces that completely resets your expectations of what that industry can provide, and does so with unparalleled professionalism. Over time you realize that they have become a partner as opposed to simply a service provider. Meet Hughes Marino."

— Greg White

"Their market knowledge is incredibly valuable to me and my company. Hughes Marino's perseverance yields results far exceeding expectations, and partnering with them has certainly benefitted me as the Facilities Manager in charge of real estate decisions. Not all brokers involve the parties responsible for ultimately operating and maintaining the building when it is occupied. They understand and respect the intricacies of my position and value the service I provide internally to my company. I can trust them, and share confidential information with them knowing it will be kept as such. Obviously, financial considerations are the biggest priority. Hughes Marino helps with the cost considerations AND helps keep operating expenses low-on our most recent renewal, they cut our rent by over 40%. They've become involved in many property management issues we had over the years, even working with the landlord to get the trees trimmed back from our building!"

— Mike Cain

"Hughes Marino has provided stellar results for us in both San Diego and Orange County. In all cases, substantial savings and more favorable terms were realized with their professional tenant focused expertise. In one instance, three contiguous properties owned by three separate landlords was renegotiated by Hughes Marino in a way that justified staying rather than relocating to a new site. I strongly recommend Hughes Marino for all your commercial real estate needs"

— Bill Pesch