We believe that an organization’s success is about so much more than hard work. It’s about cultivating a compelling culture. It’s about investing in people. It’s about embracing the family spirit. At Hughes Marino, we’re one big family, working together and motivating each other towards our shared and individual goals. We hope that the first thing you notice when you step foot through our front doors is the welcoming and supportive environment that we’ve worked so hard to create.

We invite you to take a glimpse into a little slice of life at Hughes Marino, full of quirky traditions, fun sayings and an endless pursuit to always enjoy the journey.


What We're All About

Many years ago when we became Hughes Marino, our original team of 14 put their heads together to craft 10 core values, which have been, and continue to be, the driving force behind our company culture and every decision that we make. Our core values are memorized, discussed during meetings and presentations, pinned to our bulletin boards, framed on our desks, and worn proudly on a few of our favorite HM T-shirts. We’re a group of people who are dedicated to living and working each and every day according to our values.

Culture Keepers

We didn’t build our company culture overnight. It’s been years in the making and we’re constantly reinvigorating and protecting what we’ve created. We can’t just talk about it; we have to be about it. Here are a few of the ways that we keep our culture alive and well.


Team Retreats

Each year, our company retreats together to a beautiful location for team-building, motivational speakers, brainstorming and most importantly, time together.

Extra Fun Fridays

We have our fair share of fun every day, but Friday afternoons are often reserved for chocolate malt making, shuffleboard playing and go-kart racing …that is, when we don’t close the office a few hours early to get a head start on the weekend!

WOW Cards

It doesn’t go unnoticed when a teammate does something wow-worthy (and that happens often around here!) Teammates have a chance to recognize each other with WOW cards, which reward their outstanding work with lots of kudos and a little extra love in their paycheck.

Family Outings

Our team reserves one evening each summer to get together with our families and friends for a ball game in addition to other events throughout the year.


As a company and as individuals we are committed to giving back to the community. We collectively log hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations each year.

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Fun and Games

A little friendly competition never hurt, right? Between our monthly shuffleboard and billiard tournaments, vintage arcade games, and annual talent contests, there is plenty to do to keep the good times rolling!

Core Values

Each member of the Hughes Marino team lives and breathes these values every day. They are the guiding principles at the heart of our business, and they are what makes our company great.

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Our Offices

We are committed to creating spaces that are cozy and welcoming. With a fully stocked kitchen, a game room, works of art and plenty of comfy couches to lounge in, our team members feel right at home!

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HM Blog

Hughes Marino team members are always posting fresh insights about commercial real estate, local markets, our company culture, and so much more. Click here to read about what we’ve been up to!

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More About Our Team

Diverse Backgrounds
When we started Hughes Marino, we set out to build a different kind of commercial real estate company that not only revolutionized our industry but provided a welcoming, supportive and enriching place for every team member to thrive. Culture means everything to us, starting with our team of extraordinary individuals and our ten Core Values. The magic of our culture is that at the root of all we do, we have built our company on the foundation that we seek, hire and reward the best human beings we can possibly find to build an incredible organization together. In looking for teammates to help us on this mission, we look for individuals with diverse thinking, education, life experiences, perspectives, strengths and goals.

Different but Complementary Strengths
We believe the best teams are made up of strong, smart and creative individuals with different but complementary strengths, and the only way to have a truly great team is to seek diversity of thought to enrich our treasured culture. In a very male-dominated industry, we are proud that our team is comprised of over 50% women, including 50% of both our management team and our ownership. We welcome people from all walks of life with varying ages, ethnicities, physical abilities, religious views, gender identities, sexual orientation and beliefs, along with individuals from different parts of the world and with different viewpoints in general.

Unity Through Core Values
The result is a beautiful melting pot of rich ideas and diversity of strengths, a place where we encourage people to be their authentic selves. No matter where one comes from or what they believe in, we embrace the family spirit shared among our team. While we all bring our own unique differences to our amazing team, we are also deeply unified by our ten Core Values. Together we are committed to building an organization we can all be proud of, while always respecting and celebrating one another’s individuality.

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