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The Tables are Turning for Downtown San Diego Commercial Landlords & Tenants

on February 05, 2020

Most downtown companies know me or my daughter, Star, as we’ve had the privilege to represent you with your office leasing. One multi-building landlord says we represent 95% of the tenants in the market. Another says we account for 80+%. Regardless of the exact percentage, we represent the vast majority of downtown companies with their office leases or building purchases every year. So, who better to tell you the truth about the REAL state of the office market? Star and I – who only represent tenants and vow to never represent institutional landlords in their leasing and selling of buildings? Or the dual agent brokerage companies who derive most of their revenues from landlords by providing them leasing services, property management services, asset management, financing, etc.?

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Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes is chairman and CEO of Hughes Marino, an industry-leading commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers. Jason has written well over 100 articles, is a real estate resource for the Wall Street Journal, and has been profiled in dozens of local and regional publications. Jason is a pioneer in the field of tenant representation, and has been a vocal advocate for the interests of commercial tenants for more than two decades.

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