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Spaces We Love: Alison Brod PR’s Manhattan Office

The drool-worthy offices of Alison Brod PR are a fantasy of bold design, high-end finishes, and loads of feminine touches (images via Alison Brod PR).

Alison Brod PR’s office located at 440 Park Avenue South in Manhattan, may very well be every girl’s dream office. Laden with color, feminine touches, iconic brands, and even edible accessories, this show stopping space has me ready to move in!

It all starts with this cozy sitting area. Anyone sitting on these beautiful couches will be delighted by 360 degree views of eye candy. From the funky lighting fixture, to jars of candy and nuts, to the unique, multi-colored wall surface, to the bold pops of color around the peripheral, this fun and intimate area looks like the perfect breeding ground for creativity.

Alison Brod PR Firm Interior Design
The cozy sitting area offers stylish views of the dazzling, open and airy office.

The next photo of their office literally has me drooling. In what seems to be a room to encourage brainstorming, the company has created what I can only describe as a Candy Room. With shelves of candy, huge windows and white furnishings, this room needs very little accessorizing as the brightly colored candy within jars adds a perfect pop of color to the room. The high table and chairs is also a very current look, as many of today’s tech and creative companies opt for stand-up desks rather than traditional office furniture.

Alison Brod PR Firm's Colorful Interior
Nothing feeds a brainstorming session like oodles of colorful candy.

For a company that exists to help fellow businesses create positive brand awareness, Alison Brod PR incorporated one of the most iconic brands of all time into their conference room. The Barbie artwork on the wall in this all glass conference room undoubtedly reminds employees of the power that a brand can convey. With light hardwood floors (which can easily be mimicked with vinyl composition tile (VCT) and other durable, but beautiful, floor materials), glass walls and sliding doors, and hot pink chairs, this conference room is perfectly understated, perfectly fun, and perfectly aligned with the company’s vision.

Alison Brod PR Firm's Conference Room
Oversized Barbie dolls peer out over the conference room from this print by Manhattan artist Jennifer Esposito.

What Alison Brod PR has done so magnificently in this space is utilize accessories to tell the story of the company housed within. The space feels cozy, yet cutting edge. It’s creative and elegant without being ostentatious. It’s happy, bright, and feminine, but also very professional.

How to Get the Look

Iconic brands such as Barbie are definitely inspiring. In fact, we included the same iconic brand in our Orange County office!

Barbie Artwork by Cecile Plaisance
Barbie, ever an icon, graces Hughes Marino’s Orange County office in this lenticular print by Cecile Plaisance.

Love the candy theme that Alison Brod PR has embraced? So do I. While we don’t have a candy room at Hughes Marino, we do embrace all things sweet and have incorporated sweets into our accessorizing as well.

Hughes Marino’s San Diego headquarters features candy-themed artwork and glass jars of sweets scattered throughout the common areas.
Hughes Marino’s San Diego headquarters features candy-themed artwork and glass jars of sweets scattered throughout the common areas.

If you’re looking to mimic the absolutely delicious look of Alison Brod PR in New York, and you don’t know where to start, hire a designer. Spaces such as these don’t happen by accident – and it’s critical to have an expert on your team to advise on the design, and an expert like us to ensure that you have the improvement allowance necessary to carry out your vision.

Star Hughes-Gorup is executive vice president and director at Hughes Marino, a global corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers. Star is a key member of Hughes Marino’s brokerage team, where she specializes in tenant representation and building purchases. Star also makes frequent media appearances to speak on business issues from a millennial perspective, and regularly writes for Hughes Marino’s “Spaces We Love” blog. Contact Star at 1-844-662-6635, or star@hughesmarino.com.

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