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New York Times Article Spotlights Jason Hughes & Hughes Marino’s Efforts to Help Commercial Tenants During Pandemic

By Shay Hughes

To say the very least, 2020 got off to a challenging start for businesses. Companies across the country were abruptly forced to adopt mandatory work from home policies for their teams, the economy came to a screeching halt to flatten the curve, and unfortunately many businesses have had to close their doors for good. But a lot of businesses and services have risen to the occasion, and we are happy to say that we are one of them.

When the pandemic hit, Hughes Marino took immediate action, refocusing business objectives and refining service lines to help companies save money in an environment where every dollar counts. Our company rushed to the aid of our clients and tenants across the country to help find creative and immediate solutions to restructure leases, unlock much needed cash with sale leasebacks, advise on best practices for subleasing property and offer social distancing and safe workplace solutions, and we continue navigating how to add value to tenants during such a tumultuous time that is changing daily.

Hughes Marino New York

In an article published today in The New York Times, “Tenants’ Troubles Put Stress on Commercial Real Estate,” Jason Hughes outlines Hughes Marino’s immediate reaction to the pandemic to come to the aid of businesses, despite some rival brokers and building owners’ accusations of taking advantage of the pandemic scares. It is a powerful read, especially when businesses may feel alone and struggling during this pandemic.

In an excerpt from a recent article Jason authored called Our Belief, he says “If we can find a way to help businesses survive, everyone wins in the long run. Businesses stay open, people stay employed, and landlords have companies to pay them rent. Why should businesses alone bear the brunt of the financial despair the virus has caused? It’s urgent that we keep businesses afloat right now, so let’s figure out how we can throw businesses a lifeline to deal with their suffocating real estate obligations (where bankruptcy or business dissolution is their only way out of long-term leases at the moment) and that, in turn, will ultimately help landlords survive too.”

As one of the nation’s leading tenant representation firms, it is Hughes Marino’s mission to serve tenants, helping them save as much money as possible, while providing them with the best overall value-proposition, optimization and flexibility available, and ultimately secure the best outcome to help their business thrive.

Click here to read the full article, which is a must-read for tenants navigating such a challenging chapter. You are not alone in this, and we are always here to help you!

Shay Hughes is president & COO of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices across the nation. Shay writes about business leadership and company culture on her blog, Lead from Within. Contact Shay at 1-844-662-6635 or shay.hughes@hughesmarino.com to learn more.

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