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Spaces We Love: IKEA’s Innovation Lab in Copenhagen

Images via Design Milk.

By Star Hughes-Gorup

“Innovation is the only way to win.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Job’s quote certainly holds true for the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. In conjunction with Rebel Agency, a Swedish design company, IKEA launched Space10 with the purpose of innovating and planning for the future of home design and urban living. Opened in late 2015, Space10 is housed in an old, 11,000 square foot fishery building in Copenhagen’s meatpacking district.


So how does it work? Space10 hosts a series of themed “labs,” each lasting about three months. During each lab, designers are invited to give lectures, explore ideas and concepts, create prototypes, etc. At the end of the lab, the public is invited inside to view the ideas brought to life. The labs discuss key themes such as “Fresh Living” and other solutions to daily problems.

The question is…what does one of the world’s most creative spaces for home and furniture design look like?


Well, it starts with benching systems (aka communal seating) to allow for increased collaboration and sharing among designers. The workspace and the furniture are the epitome of flexible. Nearly every aspect of the space can be moved, adjusted, and relocated to allow for maximum creative freedom. It’s minimalistic (in classic Scandinavian style) and incredibly progressive.


Creative pendant lights warm the space and add an extra dimension of texture against the polished concrete floors, white walls, and white subway tile accents. Greenery adorns the interior on the farm tables, lining the shelves, and in large pots on the floor, adding life and color to the space.


The building’s bones are unique in themselves – as there is no substitute for high ceilings, large glass windows, and character.

The team at IKEA knows that the company needs to innovate to stay alive – especially in an industry as competitive as home design and furniture solutions. For a company that’s been as successful as IKEA for the past 70 years already, it would be easy to be complacent. We applaud IKEA for its commitment to earning its success every day – and continuing to grow, innovate, and create amazing design solutions for consumers across the globe.

Star Hughes-Gorup is a senior vice president and director at Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate firm with offices across the nation. Star is a key member of Hughes Marino’s brokerage team, where she specializes in tenant representation and building purchases. Star also makes frequent media appearances to speak on business issues from a millennial perspective, and blogs about life as a woman in a male-dominated industry at starhughesgorup.com. Contact Star at 1-844-662-6635, or star@hughesmarino.com.

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