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Spaces We Love: Eventbrite’s New San Francisco Office

Images via Business Insider.

By Star Hughes

When I first came across photos of Eventbrite’s new San Francisco headquarters, I couldn’t help but think that the space perfectly reflects the event/ticketing company’s core ethos:

We want everyone to join us in creating a world where we are encouraged to get out there and try new things, indulge in the things we love, and to express ourselves, improve ourselves and build our communities.

From unique bicycle storage, to breakout rooms with hammocks, to work spaces that vary from light and bright to rich and soothing, Eventbrite has blended an assortment of office design trends, and it’s all working very well. Here are the top five features that I love about the company’s new space on 5th Street in San Francisco.

Bike Storage

Bike rack for Eventbrite employees in SF

In a city like SF, where parking is both challenging and expensive, Eventbrite has clearly embraced alternative transportation. For the convenience of its team, and perhaps to even subtly encourage more employees to forgo driving their cars to work, Eventbrite offers incredible, indoor bicycle storage. In addition to embracing eco-friendly transportation, Eventbrite cleverly created a storage space that is not only functional but fun, wherein the storage fixtures double as cutting edge modern art.

Open and Easy to Achieve Office Space

Open workspace at Eventbrite SF office

The open workstation concept at Eventbrite is becoming more and more the norm in tech office space. Complete with open, high ceilings, exposed lighting, modern carpet squares and huge windows, the space doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered despite the benching system that allows for much higher occupancy in a space than more traditional setups.

Hammocks? Yes!

hammock breakout room

One of the most unique features of Eventbrite’s space is what I’ll call the “Hammock Room.” This unusual way of furnishing a breakout room provides an awesome escape for employees to take a break from their computer, and have a fun change of scenery while working.

Work Rooms with Varying Themes

Eventbrite workspace

Eventbrite SF Office

Eventbrite didn’t commit itself to one design, décor or even color scheme. I love the way their work rooms have completely different themes. From a light and bright creative room, to a rich, neutral quiet room reminiscent of a law library, Eventbrite employees can pick and choose where they’re most inspired or comfortable, and choose to work there.

Mothers’ Rooms

Mother's room at Eventbrite office

A new trend that has been emerging in the workplace involves the addition of mother’s rooms. These private spaces offer a quiet, relaxing place for nursing mothers to pump. This is not only a great way for a company to demonstrate that it values working mothers, of course; thanks to the Affordable Care Act, employers are now required by law to provide private, non-bathroom spaces for breastfeeding mothers to pump, which means that you can expect rooms like these to become more and more common.

Eventbrite has done an excellent job designing a space that complements its culture, mission, and vision. The best part about the look they’ve created is that it could easily be mimicked in virtually any Class A office space. If you’re looking to do something similar, tap into what you love, try out your own new ideas, and enjoy the final result!

Star Hughes-Gorup is executive vice president and director at Hughes Marino, a global corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers. Star is a key member of Hughes Marino’s brokerage team, where she specializes in tenant representation and building purchases. Star also makes frequent media appearances to speak on business issues from a millennial perspective, and regularly writes for Hughes Marino’s “Spaces We Love” blog. Contact Star at 1-844-662-6635, or star@hughesmarino.com.

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