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Our team is proud to have represented some of the most incredible
businesses and organizations in the country.

"Our company was being forced to move by circumstances beyond our control, and we were unhappy with our existing representation. Enter Hughes Marino, who quickly identified three buildings within a mile or two of our existing space, which was critical to preserving our workforce. They took exactly the right approach, creating an auction environment with landlords competing for our business. We were able to sign a lease in a relatively short time frame and saved a ton of money in the process. What I like about Hughes Marino is that they were with us from womb to tomb, connecting us to a CM team, having their general counsel review our lease, and staying involved long after our lease was signed. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

— Todd Bell

CFO, IXI Technologies

"Working with Hughes Marino these last five years was a fantastic experience. They are responsive, loyal, professional and understand client needs that achieve our goals and objectives. I had the privilege to work with Jason and Star on our most recent lease renegotiation and expansion. They did an excellent job of negotiating very favorable results⁠—all while insulating us from a tough negotiating landlord. The fact that they only represent tenants speaks to their success in achieving client satisfaction. Our transaction included a significant multi-floor occupied remodel, and Hughes Marino’s Planning + Design and Project Management teams worked together with Jason and Star to bring our office up to date and emulate our brand and values. We can’t recommend Hughes Marino enough!"

— Steven Cologne

Managing Partner, Higgs Fletcher & Mack, LLP

"They go way beyond finding you a space – it’s more like a relationship with an industry specialist. The level of service and attention to detail is exceptional. It’s been a great relationship."

— Christopher Calhoun

CEO, Cytori

"The folks at Hughes Marino were present, attentive, patient and responsive during what could have been a very daunting process. They earned my trust and confidence because from the start they understood the needs of our organization. As a result, we found the perfect home for Mama’s Kitchen."

— Alberto Cortes

Executive Director, Mama's Kitchen

"I have worked with several of the team members at Hughes Marino throughout my career and always ended up with a great deal and one that always worked well for my company. Their attention to detail and out of box thinking ensured that we always were in the perfect space for our company and at the right price and time. I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them in the future! Great team and always a positive experience!"

— Timothy Broadhead

CFO, Steelpoint Capital Partners

"Hughes Marino makes me look good. We are currently using Hughes Marino in our search for additional space. During a recent executive meeting, the Board talked about how thrilled they were with the current facilities negotiations. One of the members asked how we found Hughes Marino and the Board told them I brought them in. I was deemed the “smartest guy in the room” for making that happen. They make me look good!"

— Jody Zevenbergen

CFO, D&K Engineering

"The team at Hughes Marino is patient, responsive, and knows the commercial real estate market very well. They guided our company through the long process of identifying the right space for our relocation and negotating terms that worked for us and were acceptable to the landlord. Throughout the process, they communicated consistently and in a way that was easy for laypersons such as me to understand. I highly recommend Hughes Marino for any commercial real estate needs. I would use their services again in a heartbeat."

— Paul Meehl

CEO, Global Resource Investments

"Every time I asked for recommendations from other business leaders about commercial real estate companies who could help with our unique systems and security needs, the Hughes Marino name came up. The team they put on our account not only identified and negotiated for a terrific space, they also managed our leasehold improvements. And through their relationships helped us fill a key management position. We’ve certainly benefited from their deep local knowledge, tenant-only focus and tireless efforts on multiple fronts. Did they meet our company’s expectations? Absolutely - and in more ways than we ever expected."

— Bruce Hansen

Chairman and CEO, ID Analytics Inc.

"Hughes Marino did an excellent job representing us in our search for a new national headquarters building. They listened to our needs, showed us properties that met those needs and, ultimately, found us a perfect match. They then handled the negotiations effectively and efficiently. We are very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Hughes Marino."

— David Hartman

President and CEO, Easy Turf

"At Lockton, we’re client advocates so we fully understand that there’s an art to being an effective broker, optimizing terms and costs on behalf of the client. Hughes Marino delivered. They truly have their finger on the pulse of the market. We will not hesitate to contact them in the future, and we recommend them highly to the businesses we interact with each day."

— Jim Skeen

Partner, Lockton