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At Hughes Marino, we believe that where you do business matters . That’s why we partner with the best brokers, project managers, and real estate professionals in the nation to offer countrywide coverage for all your commercial real estate needs. When clients ask us to assist with their real estate requirements in cities where Hughes Marino doesn’t have a physical office, we don’t miss a beat. Because we are not beholden to a national parent company or alliance, we have the freedom to work with anyone we choose. This means creating a hand-picked team of highly qualified individuals for every single project, perfectly suited to deliver the results that have become synonymous with the Hughes Marino name. We invest heavily in regions of influence — from New York to Honolulu and everywhere in between, — to represent companies whether they are leasing, buying or building commercial space. Our end-to-end coverage of U.S. commercial real estate makes us the ideal real estate partner when your company is ready to expand or move to a new city.

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