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Student Loan Assistance: Introducing Another Benefit for our Amazing Team

on October 08, 2018

Chairman and CEO, Jason Hughes and I are constantly filled with so much appreciation for our hardworking, kind and dedicated team. One of the ways we try to relay our gratitude is by making sure we do everything in our power to help our team feel fulfilled, both professionally and personally. When we realized how many of our amazing team members hold debt from student loans we knew we had to take action.

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Shay Hughes

Shay Hughes, president and chief operating officer, plays a key role in all aspects of the Hughes Marino organization, including internal operations, marketing, business strategy, and end-to-end management. Her versatile skills range from designing Hughes Marino’s offices to maintaining a strong understanding of the local marketplace and client needs. In her free time she enjoys writing about leadership, company culture, and workspace design.

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