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Creating a Conscious Space

on October 17, 2017

Much more than a collaborative place to conduct business, our offices are where we spend thousands of hours each year, and they become a home away from home for many. Within that second home lies a great opportunity–the opportunity to develop a rich company culture that attracts and retains team members, and also inspires and enriches the lives of anyone with whom you come in contact. As President and COO of Hughes Marino, I have had the rewarding chance to create our award-winning workspaces and transform our culture, which has resulted in success beyond our wildest dreams–for our team members, our clients, and our communities. Here are five sure-fire tips to utilize your office as an opportunity to positively impact your team members and your community.

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Shay Hughes is president, COO, and owner of Hughes Marino, an award-winning commercial real estate company specializing in tenant representation and building purchases with offices in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle. Shay writes about business leadership and company culture on her blog, Lead from Within. Contact Shay at 1-844-NO-CONFLICT or to learn more.

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