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What Will It Cost to Move?

What will it cost to move? We get asked this question a lot and there is no single answer, but we can provide some proven guidelines to help tenants evaluate a contemplated relocation.

First, when it comes to making a move, you should consider whether you will require the services of a professional relocation manager. Tenants that have office space in excess of 50,000 square feet or have extensive manufacturing, lab or electronics equipment should absolutely consider this option. These types of move projects require a high level of expertise to ensure all of the parts and pieces are contemplated and incorporated in the planning. Move management consultants typically charge an hourly fee for an agreed upon scope of services. This fee can range between $0.50/sf to $1.00/sf depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Next you will want to consider the actual move costs. If new workstations will not be purchased, then relocating existing cubicles should cost between $350 and $400 per station. This typically includes the breakdown, relocation and reassembling of the furniture in the exact same configuration. Should the furniture require reconfiguration, you will need to budget for the additional parts needed to supplement the systems and the new configuration.

You will then want to consider the cost of moving standard furniture and personal contents. Most office furniture and contents can be moved for about $1.00/sf. Extensive file systems or large conference room tables will need to be budgeted for separately.

Lastly, there are a myriad of additional smaller costs. These include the cost of new stationery and business cards, new tenant signage, overtime for IT professionals to shut down and restart computer network systems, and typically a cost from your phone system and copier companies to relocate their equipment and reestablish connection and operation.

In evaluating a company’s moving costs, we are only addressing the actual physical move to a new space, and not the tenant improvement costs or the cost for new phone and data cabling, as those vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the client’s needs.

Remember, it is important to plan early and seriously consider the assistance of a professional project management firm and move manager to help ensure a successful relocation project.

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